Its Official. I’m an Adult.

Its official. I’m an adult. And I am not prepared for this…

Its been a good start to the new year with my usual birthday on the 5th of January. But this year was especially different. I have now become an adult. I must admit, as with most years, I don’t really feel any different. Having said that, it is still scary, I feel like I should now have responsibilities or something, yet I don’t. I mean it comes with all the benefits such as an increase in wage! Finally I can earn the big bucks. Also the big one of now being able to legally drink and buy alcohol. However, I actually haven’t managed to complete that task yet for the first time. I know its stupid but I’m worried I’ll go to buy a bottle of wine, get up to the checkout, hand over my ID and they’ll say I’m not old enough. I know it won’t happen but in my head thats how it’ll go the first time. I guess I’ll do it at some point, well maybe, possibly.

So to celebrate in the usual style for an 18 year old, I held a smallish house party. Somehow, I luckily managed to avoid having anyone throw up on all the carpet that covers my house! Phew, that was a relief. The night went out with an bang and everyone had a good time. There was lots of dancing, drinking and most importantly laughs! If I was slightly better at thinking up these things I would have had a theme but none the less everyone rose to the challenge of dressing up. Surprisingly enough I didn’t wake up the next morning with a banging head, however I did have to have an afternoon nap which I am definitely not used to having to do. But hey ho, theres still time to get used to these things.

The sad thing is though, me being me, I forgot to take many photos of this big birthday. I’ve got good memories to hold onto from the past week but not many photos to show for it. Never mind, theres always time to take photos of different times and places. I’ll just have to wait another year to take photos on my birthday!

Wish me luck with this hold adult thing… I reckon I’m going to need it!


Ta-ra for now old chaps

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My Bucket List

When I get old and have reached my time I want to be able to look back at my life and know I had done everything I had dreamed of.  So here is just a little snippet of my list of things I want to have done before I die:

  • Live in London for at least a year
  • Get a degree
  • Take part in the Rickshaw Run
  • Run in the London Marathon
  • Travel the world, specifically visit America, Thailand and India
  • Have breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • Have afternoon tea at the Ritz
  • Complete a sky dive
  • Learn to speak a different language fluently
  • Read to Kill and Mocking Bird
  • Climb the Eiffel Tower
  • Get a tattoo
  • Climb Everest
  • Go on a silence retreat
  • Have some writing published
  • Learn how to surf
  • Go scuba diving
  • See the northern lights


This is just a little list of things I want to do before I die. Some are a bit more obscure compared to others but either way I want to have done everything on this list and more before I die. I should probably get started!


Ta-ra for now old chaps!

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London Calling

As most people who know me are aware I am in love with London. This week I got take a little day trip to my favourite place, you guessed it, London. It was a day packed to the brim with walking, tube rides and apologising a million times to people who waked into me.

I started off in Camden Town. I hadn’t been to Camden Lock in too long and felt a visit was in great need. The market and everything within it is just incredible. There was so much I wanted to buy and be able to take home with me but, surprising myself, I didn’t buy a single thing in the end. This is actually a good thing I guess as my wardrobe is already bursting with clothes and I have too much jewellery which I don’t wear enough off without adding to it. Then I reached The smell of all the street food from different countries filled my nose and made my stomach crave every food I could see. From Thai food, to paella, to chorizos, I wanted to eat everything thing! It all smelt incredible, every single thing.

Then I jumped on the tube to Charing Cross and had a little walk to Covent Garden. The main mission here was to find Hotel Chocolat and getting a hot chocolate, I had no idea they sold drinks so I had to try one! I had a Classic hot chocolate which was actually made with real chocolate. It was gorgeous! Then of course I had a wander to the heart of Covent Garden, the plaza. From all the street performances, to the market, to all the designer shops, I love Covent Garden.

Next was a quick walk to Soho with a stop off at China Town along the way. The gates into China Town stun me every time with there beauty, I could look at them for hours focusing on every little detail. Walking thorough China Town quickly took me to Soho were I stumbled towards Soho Square. This little park in the heart of Soho was so beautiful. In the very mild of Soho Square was a building which was very interesting however there was no information, which I could find, explaining what it once was used for. The building was very quaint and delicate.

Moving on from Soho I found myself upon Oxford Street, then Regent Street and finally walking to Fortnum and Mason. I visited the shop where the Queen buys her food from. I defiantly felt underdressed to be in Fortnum and Mason however I couldn’t not go inside. I would have liked to have been able to say I’d bought something but everything was extremely expensive. Outside Fortnum and Mason the windows were fashioning Alice in Wonderland quotes, giant tea pots and the Mad Hatter’s hat. They were so beautiful and creative. I would imagine they may have had something to do with the new Alice in Wonderland film, I shall have to google and find out.

With feet that were beginning to kill me I walked to Trafalgar Square for a rest with an amazing view. I sat on a bench near one of the two water fountains. I was able to hear a band which were busking near the National Gallery and my eyes were filled with the sights of the London Eye, Big Ben and Nelsons Column. This was the perfect place to rest my poor feet.

Hopping back on the tube I took a ride to Sloan Square, Chelsea. I had a stole down Kings Road and was searching for any MIC stars. Unfortunately, I didn’t see anyone famous. And as I didn’t feel as if my feet were hurting enough I then began to walk to Harrods. Along the way I saw some very expensive and gorgeous cars! I had a little look around what was probably only a very small part of Harrods again want to buy lots but unfortunately I do not have enough money to shop in such a place.

Nearly at the end of my day I decided to take the tube back to Camden Town and have a last little walk around. I saw some street art which had been drawn on the pavement with chalk. It was all so intreating and unique. I took so many photos in Camden. Also, I noticed more graffiti this time walking around, my favourite including a fox on the side of a building.

Ending my day I caught the tube to Highgate, then got on the bus to meet my brother for dinner so we could have a catch up. This was the perfect end to a wonderful day. I cannot wait to go back to London for another visit and some more sightseeing! Hopefully it won’t be too long of a wait!


Ta-ra for now old chaps!

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Gigs, The Bestie and Parties!

So this weekend has been a very good and busy one! Normally I have no plans but this week was an exception. On Friday night my best friend Jordan and I went to see a gig with two local bands. Then on Saturday it was the lovely Sophie’s 17th Birthday party, which also gave me an excuse to buy a new dress, yay!


Firstly on Friday was the gig  which had performances from Among the Citizens who were brilliant, then they were followed by the fantastic Kingdom Keys! The gig also gave me a chance to have a good catch up with the bestie. We had a great night which was very good fun. It was great to get out of the house which wasn’t just to go to work. However my outfit choice wasn’t as good as I’d expected. I had not dressed to be outside. As a result I was cold. I decided to wear a skirt and top but no jacket or cardigan looked right so I went without. In hind sight this was my downfall. Although being cold aside the night was pretty amazing with great music, good conversation and the perfect company. It was just what I needed!


Then on Saturday it was Sophie’s Party, it was the last time I will get to see the girls in a little while and it was a great night! I threw on my new dress, put my face on and off I went. Catching a lift with Abi we drove to the party with great music to sing along too. When we arrived Sophie came out to meet us and we were taken through to the garden to be with everyone. I met some new people and also saw much more familiar faces. In no time at all the birthday girl was dancing and everyone was having a great time. The evening varied from eating lots of pizza too playing beer pong with vodka as there was no beer. It was great to get out of the house again and it was defiantly a good night. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a party so much and would love do the night all over again. It was lovely to spend an evening of laughter and fun with great friends and unique characters.


This weekend has defiantly been the best weekend for a long time and I wish more of my spare time could be spent around people I love having fun like it was the past couple of days!


Ta-ra for now old chaps

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Okay, So I Bottle Everything Up

There are many people in my life who I care about and love a great deal. But even though this is true I still feel lonely the vast majority of time. Feeling lonely isn’t something I often admit to because I always feel like I’m meant to be the one who holds it together all of the time. Being lonely isn’t holding it together, its not really having much to hold together at all. I’m meant to be the happy, positive girl who is always smiling. I wish I could be her again.


I often find myself in the position of being confided in, someone who is there to support others in their times of need. And I am glad people can come to me when they need someone. However it has recently dawned on me that I don’t know who I can turn to anymore for advice or just a chat alike. Yes both of my parents and my brothers are there for me. However we have never been a family who opens up to each other which can make it hard to express to them how I feel most of the time. And then theres one of my best friends who once knew everything about me, who I could tell anything and everything too. But now we hardly talk to each other. In fact we’ve only seen each other twice this year and I couldn’t tell you the last time we spoke. I also have my other best friend but she is studying hard and I don’t like to burden her with all of my problems. I know she would’t mind but I hate the thought I might be a nuisance. And since we went to different places after school last year she has made new friends who also need her, I don’t like to get in the way.


So, me being my usual self, I bottle everything up, especially the fact that I feel lonely. It most likely sounds silly to most people but I don’t feel like have anyone who I can just call for a chat anymore or text out of the blue. I mean don’t get me wrong I do have a great group of friends who I love dearly. But, as with almost every friendship group I’ve ever been in, I feel like the expendable friend who no one would really notice much if I wasn’t there. Especially as I will no longer get to see them as much since I am leaving college. Everyone has always had someone else and I’ve always been just sort of there with only myself. Its mainly been difficult this year as it has just been me, throughout high school I alway had my best friend but when you separate after spending almost everyday together since you were 5 it can be very difficult. They’re not just in the next class room waiting to talk to you at break, they’re in a different building, in a different town and you don’t always understand whats happening in the other place.


So now I spend almost all of my spare time trapped in the house or my room and not going out much. I spend a lot of time on my own. I’ve even realised I spend a vast amount of time sitting in silence. This means I get stuck in my own head, I overthink things and I just get upset and angry at myself. I feel as if I’m stuck in a rut that gets a little bit bigger ever day. And the thought of having to feel like this until September terrifies me. To feel alone all summer when all I want to do is be happy and go out with friends, to actually socialise and want to be spoken to by someone, not just because they feel they have to talk to me. Just to feel normal. Just to not feel so alone all the time.


I am lonely. I thought I was okay with that. I’ve always been fine on my own.


I was wrong.




Ta-ra for now old chaps

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New Beginnings Part 2

So this year I started college to study Fashion, Clothing and Textiles. It was all I’d wanted to do for a long time and Fashion was my future. But, I’ve realised, its not. The longer I was there the more unhappy I felt, it really wasn’t for me. However I stuck the year out, gained a qualification for it and I am now starting again somewhere new in September. I am going back to my best friend, I’m going to Sixth From. Yes I will be a year behind my friends already there but I will have people who I love close by supporting me. I am scared and nervous but also very excited. By going to sixth form I will be opening doors for my future which is something I need. I am giving myself options and chances. This is something new, again, and I cannot wait to start. It is very sad to have to say goodbye to the lovely friends I’ve made this year so soon but I have got make the right choice for myself and I do truly believe this is it. Which means goodbye college, hello sixth form!


So, here we go again, new beginnings part 2, its going to be great!


Ta-ra for now old chaps!

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Time Lapse Project

For a project on my college course we looked at time lapse photography and art. I researched into David Hockney and his Yorkshire Wolds pieces and some photographers such as Matt Molloy and Dan Moore. We also looked at how fabrics and material can change over time if they are left out side. So at the beginning on the project I wove a frame which had one side full of side man-made materials and natural on the other. We added things to them such as yogurt and seeds every couple of weeks. I took a photo of my frame every week and developed my own time lapse video of how my frame changed over the 12 weeks it was outside. This is the video I created which shows the changes that occurred:



I made a few other time lapse videos of different parts of the frame too but I thought I would share the video that shows all of the photos I had taken over the weeks. I found this project very interesting, however my frame didn’t change as much as I would have liked it too. Although it was still a very unique project to work on and I enjoy it! This project is one of the very last ones which I had to complete and I am pleased with the work I was able to produce.


Ta-ra for now old chaps!


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Cubism and World War I

Cubism- noun: cubism; noun: analytical cubism; noun: synthetic cubism, an early 20th-century style and movement in art, especially painting, in which perspective with a single viewpoint was abandoned and use was made of simple geometric shapes, interlocking planes, and, later, collage.


Cubism was a very important art movement and marks the beginning of Modern Art; it is a very influential movement in art history. In this essay I will explore the influences, which caused Cubism to begin, and how it began. I will aim to show how World War I affected the movement and the Cubist artist. This essay will show facts about Cubism and reflect on the lives of the Cubist artists during World War I and their work after the war had ended.


Cubism began in 1906; two artists; Pablo Picasso and George Braque started it. This movement was inspired by the artwork from Paul Cezanne and influenced by non-European art, specifically African art. Cubism is often referred to as the mark of Modern Art as it abandoned the ‘rules’ of pre-Raphaelite art, which was used more or less up to this point. Cubism has inspired many art movements after its time, a few of which are Dada and Surrealism. There were two stages of Cubism, ‘Early Cubism’, from 1906-1908 and ‘High Cubism’, from 1909-1914. ‘Early Cubism’ also known as Analytical Cubism, was developed in Picasso’s and Braque’s studios and ‘High Cubism’ also known as Synthetic Cubism, was the phase of Cubism where Juan Gris played an important role. It was around the 1910’s when Cubism began to spread through Europe. The main key artists of this movement are; Pablo Picasso, George Braque, Juan Gris and Fernand Leger. They all played key roles in developing Cubism in to what we know it to be today.


World War I began in 1914, this affected Cubism as it separated the artists and caused their work to slow down or stop throughout this tragic event. It has proved to be a tough time for some of Cubism’s key artists. The first cause of World War I was the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, the archduke of Austria-Hungary. Gavrilo Princip, who was a Serbian nationalist and had links to a secret military group called Black Hand, assassinated Franz Ferdinand. It was because of this group and Gavrilo Princip that major European military powers towards war. The key Cubist artists who went to when to war and fought were George Braque and Fernand Leger. The war still affected Pablo Picasso and Juan Gris but not in the same way as if they’d got to fight. However, World War I ended at 11am on the 11th November 1918. Germany signed an armistice that had been prepared by Britain and France. After the war, the artists went back to producing artwork, however it was not the same as before the war.


Cubism was influenced by the work of Paul Cezanne. Braque and Picasso were inspired the Cezzanes use of multiple brush lines and his use of small flat shapes. They were also influenced by how Cezanne gave impressions of three-dimensional objects; he did this by showing the objects from multiple angles. This showed that the object was a three-dimensional object even though the painting does not make the object look three-dimensional in the conventional way. By doing this Cezanne cast aside the use of traditional perspective drawing as he felt this denied the fact that the painting itself is a flat, two-dimensional object. Cezanne liked to flatten the space in his paintings to place more emphasis on the surface; by doing this Cezanne stressed the difference between a painting and reality. Paintings that Cezanne created were more abstract because of the construction and arrangement of colour on a two-dimensional surface. This abstract approach to painting is what Picasso and Braque were influenced by and appealed too. They took this to an extreme in some of their work, examples of this are; Picasso’s ‘Factor at Horta de Ebbo’ and Braque’s ‘Viaduct at L’Estaque’.


Cubism was also influenced by non-European art, primarily African Art. In 1907 Picasso visited the Trocedro, which is a museum, which displayed art and objects from different countries. It was here Picasso saw the African art, which inspired the Cubism movement. Picasso was very interested in the African masks and sculptures, as they did not show accurate representations of the human face. Picasso felt that the pieces were vivid and powerful. He said:


“A head is a matter of eyes, nose, mouth, which can be distributed in any way you like.”


The artwork, which Picasso saw inspired a painting he created, ‘Les Demoiselles d’Avignon’, this, is seen to be the bridge between Picasso’s African period to the Cubism period. However, Picasso being able to be inspired by art from other countries would have only occurred due to advances in technology such as travel, (cars and aeroplanes) and in the artistic media (cinema and photography). This increased the ability for artists to be inspired by work from different countries and it was becoming more readily available. This would have help with Picasso’s influences from different countries. Although, the African art, which Picasso was inspired by, was most likely to have come from European attacks on African civilizations where they striped everything of value from colonialized places. Then once the art arrived in Europe avant-grande artists, dealers and critics collected it. Then they were places in museums in major European cities but were not seen as the beautiful pieces of art they are. They were treated as valueless and worthless pieces of art. However, these pieces of art were most likely to have been sculpture of family members to the people they were taken from. These would have been the pieces of interesting and unique artwork, which Picasso would have been inspired by.


Pablo Picasso and George Braque were the two artists, which began the Cubism movement. Together they devolved the basis of Cubism, which was to finding a new geometric form and a new spatial relationship. Picasso and Braque decided on the basis of Cubism though their influence of Paul Cezannes work. However, as Braque was heavily influenced by Picasso’s work he dramatically changed his style and within three years they had created Analytical Cubism. This was a completely new concept of depiction in the visual world. Because of this George Braque was the only artist to collaborated with Picasso as his equal. Braque described their relationship as they were, ‘like climbers roped together, each pulling the other up’. Together they pushed Cubism to new levels, encouraging each other in the process. As they worked together some of their art pieces critics found difficult to tell them apart, as they were so similar because they both adopted the same style.


When World War I broke out, Picasso was able to stay in Paris and continue with his work, as he was a Spanish citizen. However, most of his close friends went off to fight. This was a difficult time for Picasso and it is reflected in his work. However, as Picasso’s friends where fighting in the war, he made some new friends. He met Jean Cocteau who was a young poet. Together they got involved in a new project designing the set for the ballet, Parade. Whilst creating the set Picasso became part of a new group of friends, these were Serge Diaghilev’s famous Ballet Russes. For the Parade set, Picasso designed a Cubist décor, and some of the performers wore cubist body masks.



Picasso continued to design ballet sets for the Ballets Russes until 1924, however he still found time to paint. Although his last major work in Synthetic Cubism was ‘Three Musicians”, which he painted two of. Even though Picasso still explored Cubism in the 1920’s he announced his move into neo-classicism with the painting ‘Three Women at the Spring’. The impact of war on Picasso and his loss of friends such as George Braque caused Picasso to have a change of direction. I believe that if war had not have occurred Picasso would have stretched the boundaries of Cubism even more. Although, as his circumstances changed, he met new people he did not have the support and ideas to bounce off of as before.


At the outbreak of World War I, in 1914, George Braque joined the army as an infantry sergeant. Whilst in the war he served with great distinction and received three medals for this. However, in 1915 he was injured and suffered from a serious head wound. Because of this Braque spent several months in hospital, and a long period of convalescence at home at Sorgues. In this period, Braque added to some of the sayings, which he used to scribble in the margins of his drawings. In 1917, Braque published a collection of these sayings which he called: ‘Thoughts and Reflections of Painting”. Once Braque was released from military service, he rejoined the Cubist movement whilst it was still in its synthetic stage. But as Picasso had made a new selection of friends Braque started to paint again under the influence of Juan Gris. As of this Braque started to create work that used geometric shapes and the strong use of colour, one example of this is ‘Women Musician’. However Braque began to move away from the use of geometric shapes into softer forms created by loser drawing and freer brushwork, and example of this is ‘Still Life with Glass, Dice, Newspaper and Playing Cards’. From this point Braque’s style ceased to evolve in the methodical way, which it had during the phases of Cubism.


Juan Gris, who was often referred to as the Third Musketeer of Cubism, did not fight during World War I. However, he spent time with Henri Matisse at Collioure in 1914 and he returned to Paris in 1915. Whilst in Paris Gris suffered from poverty during World War I. Although, he still continued to work within Cubism and pushed its boundaries until his death at the ages of 39 on May 11th 1927 in Paris. However, in 1916 Gris’ paintings started to become more stately and architectonic. The forms in his paintings became larger and flatter but the use of multiple viewpoints was pushed aside and to an extent forgotten. This can be seen in ‘Violin’. Gris was said to have referred to these paintings as: “Flat, coloured architecture”.



Between 1917-1920, Gris started to introduce new complexity into his work and in 1917 created his only sculpture, a painted plaster, ‘Harlequin’. In his more complex work, Gris started to show the links between objects and their shadows, by doing this he reintroduced complicated intersections between multiple planes and extravagant colours and textures. An example of this is, ‘Fruit Bowl on Checkered Cloth’. In 1920 Gris took part in the Salon des Independents at the last exhibition of the united Cubist group.


Fernand Legers Cubist work was influenced by his experiences in World War I. Leger joined the army in 1914, during his time at war he spent two years at the front line in Argonne. Whilst there he created sketches of artillery pieces, airplanes, and fellow soldiers also in the trenches. This is also where Leger got the inspiration to paint, ‘Solider with a Pipe’, whilst he was on furlough from the army. During his time in the trenches in Verdun, Leger was faced with a Mustard Gas attack, where he nearly died. However because of this attack he had time in convalescence, during this time he painted, ‘The Card Players’, in this painting the soldiers are shown to look like robot-like monsters. Leger was influenced by the use of industrial work and attempted to show this in his work by depicting people and objects in machine like forms. One of his most recognized paintings is, ‘The City’. The pieces of art, which Leger created inspired and influences Neoplasticism in the Netherlands and Constructivism in the Soviet Union.


In Legers later paintings, he is seen to have separated colour from his figures. They still resembled their robot-like shapes. However, they were painted in black lines with bold colours laid over areas on the canvas to from separate compositions which all tied together. An example of this is, ‘The Great Parade’, which is also one of his last paintings.


It was in 1909 that Fernand Leger started to include Cubism in his work after having taken ideas from Paul Cezannes work. However, he preferred to use bold tubular shapes apposed to the fragmented elements of Analytical Cubism. Harsh critics would later name Legers style as Tubism. Because World War I affected Legers work and he met a wide range of soldiers from all manner of places he decided he wanted his work to be available and accessible to everyone. He also came to the conclusion during his time at war that machines would become a big part of the post war world ahead of him. This provoked him to take his inspiration from the artillery machines in the war and resemble machines in him work. At the end of World War I, Leger began his ‘Mechanical Period’ of painting. In this period Leger painted tubular and machine-like forms. However, he still used geometric tendencies within his work. An example of his work during his ‘mechanical period’ is, ‘Two Women Holding a Pot of Flowers’. Leger was very enthusiastic about this style of painting and that was shared with some of his artist friends. These friends were the joint-founders of Purism, which was a rational, mathematically based style of art, which wanted to update the pre-war look of Cubism.


To conclude, Cubism was a very influential art movement and was seen as the first movement in Modern Art. It had strong influences and artist who pushed each other to create new work and test the boundaries of the movement. If World War I had not broken out around the time of Cubism, I believe it would have developed further and become a bigger movement than it was. The artists unfortunately dispersed due to the war and were not able to support each other in the same way. I feel this impacted the movement and caused its end. Therefore World War I had a big impact on Cubism and the artists involved. In some ways the war influenced great pieces of work to be created and helped develop new ideas and styles within cubism, such as Fernand Legers style, Tubism. However, I believe World War I will have also prevented new pieces from the artist too, especially from Picasso and Braque who were parted due to the outbreak of war. So in conclusion, Cubism links to World War I due to its part in ending the movement and causing the artists to separate. However, Cubism has still played a very important part in the history of art and still to this day inspires people in the art world to cast aside the ‘normal’ and influences people to experiment.



Thank you for reading my essay on Cubism and World War I, I wrote this for one of my modules on my college course and really enjoyed diving back into my love for writing so it is quite long! If you had the time, patience and/or interest to read this essay thank you, I hope you enjoyed it and possibly learnt something new.



Ta-ra for now old chaps!

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I Joined the Gym!

So this week I made a health choice. This week I joined the gym. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and although I eat healthily (majority of the time) I don’t feel healthy. My mum and her friend joined a few months back and they really enjoy it. My brother also go’s too. So I finally decided to just do it and if I don’t go I can always cancel my membership.


I had my induction this Wednesday, which was where I got shown around by one of the personal trainers. He showed he how to use the machines correctly and safely. I had a go on most of the equipment that I will be using. He also suggested the right settings for me to use on the machines and where my heart rate should be for the goals I wish to achieve. My main goal is to build up my fitness I’m not particularly hoping to develop muscle. I would like to maintain my weight and possibly flatten my stomach a bit more. I am not unhappy with my body at the moment but I’m not 100% happy either. If I could just get my stomach to be a little flatter I will feel happier but I don’t want to loose a lot of weight, as I do not feel I need too. I want to look fit and healthy, not stick thin. However, after my induction I did a little of bit of work on the bikes, I didn’t do a full work out as I was going to do my first proper work out at the end of the week.


So on Friday my mum, Linda (her friend) and I went to the gym for my first proper work out. I really tried to work hard and push myself, as I want to start with good habits. We did 10 minutes on the rowing machine at level 10. This worked my arms and I really tried to focus on holding my stomach muscles correctly. Then we moved onto the cross trainer wish I used for 12 minutes on the fat burner workout. This got my heart pumping and I did work up a bit of a sweat so I felt like I was on the right track. Next I moved on to the bikes where I did another 12 minute work out again on the fat burner setting. I was starting to feel it around this point and I could feel I was extremely unused to biking. My legs got very tired very quickly on the bike so I was happy when this part of my work out was finished with. Finally I stepped onto the treadmill. I haven’t been on a treadmill for a longtime and I always feel quite self-conscious when running but I decided it was best to just get on with it. The more I do it the more comfortable I will feel. This was my last 12-minute stint and I was ready. I didn’t run for the whole time however I did run at a moderate speed for a good 7 minutes. I was impressed with myself considering it was the last 12 minute session of my workout. I was surprised I found the energy but was extremely happy that I did. I was very pleased with the amount I did for my first workout.


I am looking forward to next week when I will be able to go more and push myself more. Hopefully it will start to feel easier soon and I will be able to develop my fitness a great deal. For me I feel this is a big step in the right direction as I have never really been a keen exerciser but I am glad I made the choice for my health. I would definatly recommend to anyone thinking about joining a gym to just do it! Take the leap; if it doesn’t work out or you don’t enjoy it then you can always cancel your membership. Or if you don’t want to join the gym you can make little everyday healthy choices, you could walk the long way to work or swap the chocolate bar for a piece of fruit. These little choices ever day will make a difference and will start to make you feel better.


This week has been a good week and I cannot wait to continue my gym journey. Hopefully it will be a good one.


Ta-ra for now old chaps!

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Summer, My To Do List

Again this year I have quite a long summer break and unlike last year I do not want to waste it. I am hoping to make some memories this summer and do some things before the next two years of hard work kick in. So here is my summer to do list:

  • Get fit and healthy, to do this I am going to exercise more and eat well. I also want to cut sugar out of my diet.
  • Go out with friends more, I want to spend more time with other people instead of shutting myself in my room all summer.
  • Take more photos and print them out! I take photos but not as many as I should or necessarily of what I should. I want to capture more memories on camera so I can look back when I’m older and reflect upon them more clearly. I also want to print them because theres nothing like a hard copy of a photograph and people these days often forget that.
  • Read more, I want to feel inspired by books and entertain myself away from a computer or phone screen. I am thinking about completing a reading challenge where you read some many books because of different reasons, i.e. its set somewhere you want to visit or just because you like the cover.
  • Spend time outside. I am an indoor kind of person and I like to look pale as though I have not been graced by the suns presence. However I believe being outside is good for your mentality and wellbeing. I want to spend more time outside and enjoy what nature has to offer more. Hopefully the weather will hold out so I can do this…
  • Visit new places, see new things and do a bit of exploring. I am set in my ways most of the time and like what I’m familiar with. This means I don’t often doing anything new or different. However I want to borden my horizons and see new places, I am hoping to have some day trips out and get to experience some new things this summer.
  • Help out around the house more. I’m not a lazy person and I do help out my parents but I know there is more I can do. Over the summer I would like to cook for my family more, learn how to use a washing machine correctly and just help out with much more. Its not that my parents do everything for me but they do a lot for me and its time I started to help them out more. So whilst I have the time and am able to I would like to help out around the house more so they have time to do the things they enjoy.
  • Write more. Whether this is just in a dairy or letters, I would like to spend time with a pen in one hand and some paper in the other. I feel my ability for my hand writing this year has decreased and it is quickly becoming illegible. Also again this is a way to get me away from a computer screen and to focus.
  • Recapping on information which will be beneficial to my A-Levels. As I am changing my studies in September the skills I have learnt this year will not be relevant, however the skills and knowledge from last year will be. I feel it will be good to recap a few things and do a bit of revisions so I have a good start to my A-Levels.
  • And finally I want to make more. Even though I am not continuing with Fashion Design does not mean I do not enjoying creating clothes, so this summer I would like to spend some more time behind a sewing machine and create more of my own garments. My first plan for this is a jacket that I can wear to sixth form next year.

So this is just a little to do list for my summer break to try and make it as full as possible. Hopefully I will stick to these and complete them! We just need that good old English rain to stop for a month or two.


Ta-ra for now old chaps!

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